Inde Gameleon Festival
Indie Gameleon is a 5-Day non-profit Game Development festival organized by indie game developers, for indie game developers, game design students, artists, coder and indie game enthusiasts! The festival includes lectures & workshops, indie game showcase, game jam and a 8-Bit dance party.


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Be a Gameleon and be part of our Indie Game Festival in Hamburg. For all informations about the festival take a tour on our website and buy your tickets. Just enter your email address and let's go!


All Access Pass: 60 EUR, Students: 45 EUR
(includes access to the conference , Game Jam and 8-bit dance party)
Conference pass: 30 EUR, Students: 15 EUR
(includes access to both days of the conference and access to the 8-bit dance party)
Day pass: Adult: 20 EUR, Students: 10 EUR
(includes access to the conference on either Monday or Tuesday and the 8-bit dance party)
Game Jam Pass: 35 EUR
(includes 2x dinner , 2x breakfast and 2x lunch)


• 48 hours Game Jam incl. catering (11.-13.9.)
• Live Let's Play und Indie Showcase (14.-15.9.)
• Talk: Simon Butler (Tagmonkeys)    Graphics Vs Gameplay
• Talk: Studio Fizbin    Why Gamemakers should be Tinkerers at heart
• Talk: Molly Heady Carol (Arcance Circus)    Your Greatest Asset When Making Games: YOU!
• Talk: Hossein Maktoufi (Monoid)    NPCs: why we care, and why we don’t.
• Talk: Achim Heidelauf (Heathrun)    Motörizing Victor Vran with the Hardrock band Motörhead
• 8-bit Dance Party! (14.9.)