Work with us

If you would like to be part of the Indie Gameleon Festival, please scroll down to see what options you have and who you need to contact!

Lectures and Workshops
Want to share your story with other students, other indie game developers and indie game enthusiast? Speak at Indie Gameleon!
Indie Gameleon is always looking for interesting speakers ranging from game design, game programming, business, education, marketing etc.

For more information send an email to: Christian Oeing

Indie Gameleon Showcase
Want to show your game at the Indie Gameleon Showcase?
We offer tables and cabinets where you can plug in your laptop and computer to showcase your game to visitors of Indie Gameleon. The tables and cabinets are both available for companies and students.

For more information send an email to: our team

If you think Indie Gameleon is a great initiative, sponsor the festival.
Download the sponsor booklet over here: English versionGerman version or Dutch version

For more information send an email to: Mendel Bouman

To make Indie Gameleon Festival an unforgettable experience for everyone, your help is wanted. Become a volunteer and meet interesting people from the indie game industry. We need energetic and reliable people to help us with the following tasks:

Stage Manager: Check microphones and technical equipement, make sure the correct speaker’s presentation is up next.
Game Jam: Registration check, making coffee for the jammers and helping them with getting their workspace set up (nightshifts are not required here)
Indie Showcase Coordinator: Coordinate and supervise indie showcase
General Coordinator: Registration check and badge handout, coordinate and supervise speakers and advise visitors and showcasing deve

What you get:
Free entry for the whole conference
Free Indie Gameleon T-Shirt
Volunteer recommendation letter (if needed)
Meet international indie developers and get involved in the indie games scene!

If you would like to become a part of this epic event, please contact our volunteer coordinator Melanie Taylor

Don’t forget to include which position you would like to volunteer for, your full name and phone number and on which day you would like to work. You should also be able to explain things to people in English. We are looking forward to meeting you!