Not only does Indie Gameleon offer a game jam and interesting lecturers and speakers, but with a full-pass ticket, you can also experience the following:

8-Bit Dance Party

The party will be on Monday, September 14th starting at 9 pm in the “Goldmarie” club, Talstraße 20 in Hamburg, close to the famous “Reeperbahn”.

Poly in Frames from Hamburg
With his iconic sounds that bring you back to your childhood and memories of your Gameboy and NES, he will make your heart and the dancefloor swing.
RoccoW from the Netherlands
RoccoW is a humble chipmusician from the Netherlands and has been producing chiptune since early 2010.
Over the past couple of years he had the privilege to play 60+ shows, including shows in the US, Belgium, Japan, Germany, the UK and all over the Netherlands!

This DJ has an engaging mix of electronic music and the adventurous tunes that sound like they are coming from your favourite 90s JumpnRun game.

If you are just in for partying, you can buy party only tickets here.


Network gathering co-host opening Play Festival

Since Indie Gameleon is part of the Hamburger Gaming Week 2015, we will celebrate the closing of our festival and the opening of the Play Festival together. This party will also be an excellent opportunity for you to network and meet new people. Keep an eye out on our social media pages for the location and time.