Game Jam

Date: September 11 – September 13

Location: “Forum” – HAW Hamburg Fakultät Design, Medien und Information

Making games is fun! Whether you are a game-, sound designer, programmer, or just someone who is interested in making games. Join us for the the Indie Gameleon Game Jam and have an epic time! Indie Gameleon always hosts a 48 hour Game Jam. In our Game Jam, small teams each, make a game from scratch within 48 hours, according to the theme that will not be revealed until the start of the Game Jam. By the end of the Jam, we will have four prominent people from the game development scene check out the games and give you valuable feedback on your fledgling-game.

Is a Game Jam a contest? Not in our opinion… Or not entirely. It is an opportunity to geek and freak out with fellow game developers.

But wait! Does that mean that participants leave empty handed? Of course not!

We will have several categories that game developers can shine in, such as most impressive audio, graphics, programming, most humour, weirdest game, most non-conventional game, most original concept, most impressive story-telling, or even the very prestigious “nice try, please come back next year category”. Rest assured, you can go home feeling that you achieved something wonderful!

You will be able to create a game in 48 hours. The Indie Gameleon Game Jam will give you the awesome opportunity to meet new people and join forces! From concepting to programming, planning to crunching, you will experience it all during a Game Jam.

This year the Game Jam will take place before the Indie Gameleon conference and will start on Friday September 11 at 17:00 and last until Sunday September 13 at the “Forum” at the HAW Hamburg.

The game jam costs 35 EUR to attend, but for that price, you do get two dinners, two breakfeasts, lunch, and an awesome experience. Indie Gameleon aims at providing sleeping places at the Game Jam location, but participants are free to sleep elsewhere in the city.

On the last day, the (hopefully) finished games will be showcased in order to give the participants some precious feedback on what they have made and to make it easier for the games to be finished and published.


–          Games must be made from scratch during the Indie Gameleon Game Jam

–          The game must be inspired by the theme of the Indie Gameleon Game Jam

–          Have fun!


What is included in the Game Jam:

–          Opening and closing drinks

–          Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday

–          Lunch on Saturday and Sunday

–          Dinner on Friday and Saturday

–          An aweseome experience


You don’t need much to participate the Game Jam, but here’s a list of things you’ll need to make it all happen:

–          Sign up and get your Game Jam tickets

–          Bring your own hardware (a computer where you can create games on)

–          Sleeping Gear (if you want to get a bit of sleep)

–          Snacks, food and drinks