The Festival

Indie Gameleon is a festival organized by indie game developers, for indie game developers, game design students and indie game enthusiast! The festival includes lectures, indie game showcase, game jam and a chiptune dance party.

This year the festival will take place at the HAW – Kunst and Medien Campus in Hamburg, Germany from September 11 until September 15. This will not only strengthen the international reputation of the Northern Game Industry but also stimulate the collaboration between entrepreneurs and organisations across international borders. In addition, by hosting Indie Gameleon 2015 aims at creating and strengthening the sustainable international relations and networks for the Dutch and German gaming industry. Indie Gameleon will be organized in collaboration between the Groninger and Hamburger game industry in order to meet the international demand.

The festival will kick off on Friday September 11 with the well known Indie Gameleon Game Jam, where you and your co-workers, co-students and/or friends can work together to develop a game within 48 hours based on the subject that is provides for the game jam!After the two day game jam, we will continue the festival with a two day conference, where you can expect interesting lectures, workshops and panels from people from game development courses and people from the game industry itself. Next to that we will host a Indie Gameleon showcase where game developers will show their games to the public. We will end the first evening with a 8-Bit Dance Party (featuring excellent music that is generated from game consoles). The second evening will be ended with a co-host network gathering and opening from the Play Festival.

Facts and Figures:


2013 2014
Visitors:250 Visitors: 500
Game Jammers: 53 Game Jammers: 53
Speakers: 17 Speakers: 18
Showcases: 15 Showcases: 17


Here are some photos and impressions from last year: